Company Overview

Absolute Video has been established since 1993 as a digital court reporting,
transcription and video production firm.  With a team with over a decade of combined
experience ensures that Absolute Video's mission statement is to pursue professional
proficiency. Our approach to digital reporting and transcription emphasizes commitment
to preserve the record. Keeping our promise to pursue professional proficiency, while
enriching qualified applicants and providing an opportunity to service the judicial system.
 The company prides itself on being the premier digital court reporting company by
providing the most efficiently service to the judiciary system.
We have over 75 years of experience
We've been in business for over 16 years
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Technological Leader

Absolute Video is a full service Electronic/Digital Court Reporting and Legal
Videography Firm. Pioneering the use of the latest software and hardware. Absolute
Video became one of the first digital court reporter firms for  The Eleventh Judicial
Circuit of Florida in 2000. Since that inception we have grown to become value added
partners  and use their system for any all court proceeding and depositions we attend,
either through our state contracts or private attorney. Using this sofware/hardware gives
us many advantages that a stenographer may not have by using a standard
stenographic machine. The system is able to decipher different speaker when we are
using a multi-channel mixer and every microphone connected is recorded individually
and we are able to capture the sound even when speaker overlap each other. There is
also no need for unobtrusive presence, no need to ask any party to speak slower or ask
to repeat testimony because of an accent or complex medical/ technical terms being
used. If a deponent was not sure if what they asked was answered or does not
remember what the answer was given was, we can easily re-play the audio right then
and there with no need to look for it through piles of notations that might not be
complete to begin with. This format allows for instant review of the whole proceeding
right after they have finished by a simple re-production onto an audio/video CD/DVD that
may be listened on any computer that has the correct player installed on it. Using this
technology makes the job of our transcriptionist easier and they can transcribe faster.  
When difficult or unknown words are being said it allows the transcriptionist to rewind
and replay in order to costly mistakes.   
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